Included Health


Personal Care Team (Cigna Members)

Included Health offers no-cost appointment scheduling and access to remote experts for second opinions and to answer questions about serious medical conditions. Activate your account at includedhealth.com/stateofcolorado.

Included Health works with world-class medical experts from institutions like Harvard and Johns Hopkins to:

  • Provide expert second-opinion services for complex medical conditions
  • Review treatment options and care
  • Help connect members with affordable in-network medical providers or specialists


Visit includedhealth.com/stateofcolorado or call 1-855-633-8337 (6 a.m. - 7 p.m.).

Included Health has in-house bilingual (Spanish-speaking) care team coordinators and a phone interpretation service that supports 280+ languages and can assist with complex clinical discussions.

For questions about your State of Colorado benefits, contact your agency's benefits administrator.