Statewide Equity Office


The Statewide Equity Office is proud to come together and work alongside our other State of Colorado agencies to ensure that our systems, policies, and everyday work are inspired and driven by the message #ColoradoForAll.

Colorado for All means working toward a Colorado where everyone has the opportunity to succeed. It means we support the basic human rights of our neighbors regardless of gender, race, ethnicity, religion, national origin, age, sexual orientation, gender identity, citizenship status, education level, disability, socio-economic status, or any other visible or invisible identity.


Advance equitable practices throughout the State of Colorado through data-driven decisions, community engagement, policy development, ongoing education, and equity in procurement to improve access and organizational effectiveness.


Supplier Diversity

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A Colorado for ALL: Where every person’s intrinsic value is celebrated and we can all thrive.


Inclusivity, Service, Teamwork, Integrity, Responsiveness, Transparency, Community, Opportunity 

Meet the Team


Rosie McNeil-Cusick (she/her), Statewide Equity Director

Amber Hodges (she/her), Equity Specialist, Supplier Diversity

Anthony Berenguel (he/him), Equity Data Analyst

Bella Hettich (she/her), Equity Lead, Strategy

Cat Hogan (she/her), Equity Specialist, Accommodations

David Musgrave (he/him/él), Statewide Equity Manager, Supplier Diversity

Eric Bragazzi (he/him), Equity Specialist, Training

Jo Harrison (he/him), Equity Specialist, Bond Assistance

Kaycee Wright (she/her), Statewide Equity Office Program Assistant

Kevin McDaniel (he/him), Statewide Equity Manager, Accessibility

Sarah Rothberg (she/her), Equity Specialist, Communications


Get in Touch

Have any questions or want to collaborate with the equity team? Email us at dpa_StatewideEquityOffice@state.co.us.


Career Opportunities

Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Specialist

This is a full-time employee (FTE) position with the purpose of expanding the Division’s existing equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI) work plan. This position provides guidance to DCW leaders in matters related to EDI and reports directly to the Division of Child Welfare Deputy Director. This position will help DCW build an infrastructure to incorporate EDI principles into child welfare processes and practice and ensure the focus of all Colorado DCW programming is inclusive of family voice being created and implemented in partnership with families. This position is funded temporarily through a federal award, and will support activities related to those funds. Learn more about the EDI Specialist position.


Accessibility Specialist

The Community College of Denver's Accessibility Center is seeking an Accessibility Specialist. The Accessibility Specialist is primarily responsible for coordinating the intake process for students with disabilities or suspected disabilities. This intake process involves an interview with the student, collection of appropriate disability documentation and determination of appropriate accommodations. This individual guides students in the college process. This includes students requesting accommodations each semester; as well as encouraging student self-advocacy skills; referrals to appropriate college or campus resources for students with course eligibility; scheduling; and college and career success tools. Learn more about the Accessibility Specialist position.

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Colorado for All Corner

Lessons from Black History Month that Help Your Teams Year-Round

February is Black History Month! We take this month to recognize and honor the contributions of Black people throughout our country’s existence. Today, we also recognize that people have different experiences in our society and workplaces because of how others perceive and treat them.

According to Race in the workplace: The Black experience in the US private sector, published by McKinsey & Co. in 2021, Black workers in the U.S.:

  • Experience less fairness 
  • Have fewer chances to succeed
  • Earn $30,000 less per year than their peers do
  • Are overrepresented in low-wage occupations, such as front-line jobs

But we can do better for our coworkers by making sure our workplaces make everyone feel valued and provide fair opportunities to succeed. Learn how you can support your Black colleagues year-round with the Society for Human Resource Management.


Report Discrimination or Harassment

Visit the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment’s website for resources on reporting discrimination or harassment.