Goods & Services


Procurement is the purchasing of goods and services. Procurement code in the Colorado Revised Statutes, (Title 24 Article 101-112) directs the State of Colorado on how to buy goods and services.  

The State Purchasing & Contracts Office manages the procurement process for State agencies and institutions of higher education.

There are two entry points to doing business with the State:  

  1. Purchases under $50,000 do not have to be competitively solicited. These purchases are a great opportunity for small and diverse businesses!
  2. When there is no state price agreement or cooperative agreement and the purchase will be over $50,000, a solicitation is required.

To learn more about state price and cooperative purchasing agreements visit the Office of the State Controller’s website. Agencies can purchase goods or services over $50,000 on these agreements of frequently sourced items. State and local governments, institutions of higher education, K-12 education, and certified nonprofits can also purchase from these agreements. 

Where do I start?


Increase Readiness


Small and diverse suppliers need access to resources to help them compete for State contracts.  There are many resources available at little or no cost. If you have questions about the resource that is best for you, contact our Colorado Supplier Diversity Navigator (below) for assistance.


Access Capital


Agency Procurement Assistance & Information


Some State agencies have agency-specific solicitation pages. They are linked below. To find a general contact list of State purchasing officials, visit the Procurement Officials spreadsheet managed by the State Purchasing & Contracts Office.

Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT)

Learn how CDOT buys goods and services, where to view and respond to solicitations, and view the life cycles of solicitations with their Center for Procurement and Contract Services.

Governor’s Office of Information Technology (OIT)

Find open solicitations for IT products and services, award determination criteria, vendor requirements, and more on OIT’s website.


  Colorado Supplier Diversity Navigator

Connecting small and diverse businesses with the resources to be successful in state contracts and procurement.


Services Provided

  • Assistance with responding to solicitations for State contracts*
  • Availability of opportunities
  • Interpretation of solicitation documents
  • Solicitation response procedures and best practices
  • Bond assistance

*Assistance does not imply guidance that will give a respondent an unfair advantage when answering a solicitation.