Center for Organizational Effectiveness

Center for Organizational Effectiveness

The Center for Organizational Effectiveness (COE) is dedicated to facing the challenges in meeting the increasing demand for training within Colorado's State agencies. COE's objective is to impact and empower agencies to develop their training capabilities. By offering consultancy and advisory services, conducting train-the-trainer programs, establishing a community of practice, and fostering partnerships, COE aims to optimize resources, ensure consistent training standards, and drive organizational excellence throughout the State.

This not only positions COE as a thought leader in organizational development but also enhances collaboration, efficiency, and professional development across various State agencies, leading to a more skilled and adaptable workforce.

What We Do


Your COE Team

Chelsea Winegar is proud to lead the Center for Organizational Effectiveness as its Director. Chelsea comes to COE from CDHS where she served as the Career Pathing Program Manager. Before joining the State, Chelsea worked as a retail manager for Starbucks where her skills in customer service, time management, leadership, and process improvement flourished. With a bachelor’s in Philosophy of Law, Social Justice, and Global Conflict, and a master’s in Organizational Leadership with a specialization in Organizational Development & Learning Development, Chelsea is thrilled to assist State agencies and departments with their educational and developmental goals. In her free time, Chelsea enjoys spending time outdoors with her husband, children, and dog, and hopes to add fainting goats to her regenerative Colfax farm!

Eric Bragazzi serves as the Training & Organizational Development Specialist for the Center for Organizational Effectiveness. Eric brings a passion for creating, implementing, and delivering training that is impactful and meaningful to the development of a successful workforce. His drive is to grow and expand the careers of those he trains. Stemming from a unique background in Public Safety, Eric began his career training as an Adjunct Instructor for the Community College of Aurora and Field Training Officer in the Aurora 911 system. In recent years, Eric transitioned to the private sector where he helped to reform, create, and manage the Store Management Training Program for Natural Grocers by Vitamin Cottage. As a Colorado native, Eric is excited to serve the people of Colorado and the great people that help govern it.

Matthew Knight serves as COE’s Learning Experience Platform (LXP) Administrator. He has been with the State for nine years, previously working with the Division of Youth Services and the Department of Human Services. Matthew has extensive experience with the Cornerstone platform, and serves as the lead administrator for the State’s new Cornerstone LXP. He is excited to be implementing the Cornerstone LXP to provide engaging, and impactful learning experiences for all State of Colorado employees. Away from work, Matthew is a proud parent of his two-year old son, Jaxon. He is also a dedicated little league football and wrestling coach while finding time to play the popular game Dungeons and Dragons.  

Hans has worked on DPA programs such as Work Based Learning Program Playbook 1.0, revamped the Statewide Personnel Certification Program (SPCP), and spearheaded the HR Academy initiative. Hans has an extensive Human Resources background in Talent Acquisition, Employee & Labor Relations, Total Rewards, Legal Compliance, and Change Management. Prior to DPA, he worked at CDLE. He holds a Bachelor's Degree in Business and a Master's in Labor Relations. 

Allison serves as COE's Lead Instructional Designer and a Labor Relations Training Facilitator. Before joining DPA, Allison had a fifteen year career in public education. Most recently, she served Jefferson County Public Schools and Denver Public Schools as the district administrator leading implementation of restorative justice practices, a progressive approach to building school communities of high accountability and high support. In her spare time, you'll find Allison throwing endless tennis balls to her two pups, cooking unnecessarily elaborate meals in the kitchen, climbing mountains and skiing down them.

Socrates Mouskos serves as the Center for Organizational Effectiveness Work Lead & Training Specialist. Socrates has over 20 years experience in facilitation, adult education, training design, performance management, and eLearning development, with a focus on leadership, customer service, sales, and technical skills. He has trained thousands of people and launched new business operations in Canada, India, The Philippines, and throughout America. Prior to joining the State, he was the Director of Training & Quality at a tech startup for three years. Socrates loves working for the State and helping to elevate the performance of our amazing public servants!

Abigail is the training specialist and program lead for the HR Academy. She has a background in HR policy, psychology, and leadership training. Before joining the HR Academy team, Abigail served as an Employee & Labor Relations Specialist at CDHS, followed by a role as a Labor Relations Trainer at DPA. She holds a B.A. in Psychology from CU Boulder and is working on her Masters in Public Administration, focusing on public policy analysis. Outside of work, you can often find her spending time with her two pups, Willow and Flapjack!

Scott serves as the Senior Development & Training Specialist for the Center for Organizational Effectiveness. Before coming to the State, Scott has been an elementary school teacher, public school administrator, and a learning and development consultant. For the past ten years he has been with COE; first as a contractor for five years and the past five years a Training Specialist. He has a BA in education from MSU and an MA in Administration and Curriculum Development from CU Denver. In his spare time, Scott enjoys connecting with his six grandchildren (with a seventh on the way), gardening, reading, and being outside with his wife.


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