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IMPORTANT NOTE: 3 or more no-shows will require supervisor approval to participate in training. With COE training now free, all of our classes are quickly filled with hefty wait-lists. This means we will track no-shows to ensure we are filling classes with participants who want to attend.  

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Certificate programs are groups of classes with a common theme. Certificate programs deliver breadth and depth of knowledge through the variety of classes within the program. In addition to statewide certificate programs, the Center for Organizational Effectiveness (COE) can customize programs to meet specific needs and goals within agencies.

Review the full certificate descriptions directly below and register for upcoming cohorts using the accordion dropdown under "FREE Training Registration" on this page. Be sure to register using the Zoom links provided before the start date of each scheduled training. Registration will close when each course reaches capacity.

Customer Service

This Customer Service Certificate is designed to support customer service improvement initiatives. The courses in this program provide education and experience on the interpersonal aspects of customer service, resolving conflict, communicating effectively, and managing accountability. This program is open to all State employees, and is perfect for anyone who regularly works with people to support the operations of the State. Through completion of this program, participants will complete the Success Insights assessment to increase awareness of self-perceptions and how these impact the way we provide service. This certificate includes six classes that will provide participants with a set of skills that can be applied to any customer interaction to deliver effective, efficient, and elegant customer service solutions. Participants sign up for the entirety of the certificate program with a single registration. This program includes a Capstone class which will require participants to complete a series of reflection and discussion activities designed to help identify key learning and behaviors that can be applied on the job. Participants who complete all seven components of this program will be listed on the Honor Wall of the COE website to recognize the accomplishment of achieving this certificate.

Day 1: Exceptional Customer Service  – set the foundation for customer service with definitions, strategies, and models
Day 2: Effective Communications and Listening  – get clear on effective communication
Day 3: Courageous Conversations  – learn how to overcome communication barriers when stakes are high
Day 4: Accountability is a Two Way Street– learn to establish and accept accountability
Day 5: Unconscious Bias – Identify how bias can get in the way of service
Day 6: Capstone Class  – pull it all together and share with the class what you learned and how you will apply these skills

Statewide Supervisor

This four-day, cohort-based program is designed to prepare employee leaders operating at all levels of State government with essential skills and knowledge to become successful supervisors. Research has shown that leadership is an acquired set of skills and not something people are born with. Additionally, good leaders use what they have learned to guide their team to success. The Statewide Supervisor Certificate provides the skills and knowledge new supervisors need to know in order to be successful.
The certificate consists of classes held one day per week for one month. It is instructor-led and delivered online. Participants will be assigned homework and application activities to reinforce real-life learning. 
Session 1: Leadership Essentials

  • What It Means to Be a Public Servant
  • Baseline Duties of Supervision and Support
  • The Employee Support Cycle
  • 6 Critical Practices for Leading Teams
  • The Leader’s Mindset
  • Communicating Like Supervisor

Session 2: Policies & Legal Responsibilities

  • The Employee Support Cycle
  • Delegated Authority
  • Exempt v. Non-Exempt Employees
  • Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion
  • Organizational Safety
  • Reasonable Suspicion

Session 3: Hiring and Compensation

  • Hiring Process and Components
  • Total Compensation
  • Leadership Scenarios

Session 4: Performance Management

  • Overview of the Performance Management Process
  • Develop Performance Goals
  • Onboarding New Employees
  • Manage, Evaluate, and Develop Performance
  • Employee Grievances
  • C-SEAP Support Resources

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A Cache of Classic Training Available Anytime

Sustaining Online Teams (DPA - COE)

Emergency Response Training (CDPS - DHSEM)

Active Shooter Hazard Guide (CDPS - DHSEM)

Bomb Threats Hazard Guide (CDPS - DHSEM)

Earthquake Hazard Guide (CDPS - DHSEM)

Suspicious Packages Hazard Guide (CDPS - DHSEM)

ADA and Accessibility Training (Rocky Mountain ADA Center)


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