Healthcare Bluebook


Healthcare Pricing Tool (Cigna Members)

Use HealthcareBluebook.com to find the most trusted providers near you, save money on common medical procedures, and get cash back when you select a fair-price facility.

Healthcare Bluebook offers:

  • Healthcare Pricing Tool: Reduce your healthcare costs by shopping around your local area
  • Research & Compare: Learn the fair price for care in your area and compare providers on cost and quality
  • Healthcare Bluebook App: Shop and compare pricing while you’re on the go (download for free with Apple or Android)


Visit HealthcareBluebook.com (our access code is SOC) or call 800-341-0504.

Para soporte en español: En su PC, Laptop y/o Tablet: Inicie sesión en Healthcare Bluebook y marque como favorito la página de búsqueda para un acceso rápido healthcarebluebook.com/cc/SOC o llame al 1-800-341-0504.

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