Annual Compensation Reports

The policy of the State of Colorado is to provide a competitive total compensation package to ensure that the State is able to recruit, reward and retain a qualified workforce. To support this policy, the State's total compensation philosophy is to provide employees with pay increases that recognize employee performance and contributions, and group benefit plans that are competitive with prevailing market trends.

The Department of Personnel & Administration, Division of Human Resources is responsible for setting and maintaining the State of Colorado compensation plans and follows the annual compensation timeline below.


Meet and Confer - FY 2024 - 25 Total Compensation Survey Process and Methodology

Each year, the Colorado Department of Personnel & Administration, Division of Human Resources (DHR) analyzes survey data to measure and compare the total compensation package offered to the State’s classified employees. This analysis is conducted to ensure the total compensation package is competitive when compared to private industry and other government entities. Findings in the Annual Compensation Report are used to develop recommendations for salary adjustments, medical, dental, and basic life insurance plan premium contributions, and leave benefits. 

DHR conducted a Meet and Confer session for the 2024-25 fiscal year to explain the survey process and methodology used in collecting information for the Annual Compensation Report. 

FY 2024-25 Meet and Confer Documents

FY 2023-24 Meet and Confer Documents

FY 2022-23 Meet and Confer Documents