Performance Management

Executive Branch Agencies and Institutions of Higher Education institutions (Departments) develop and implement individual Performance Management Program (PMP), consistent with the statewide requirements for the state personnel system.
Aspects of the PMP include: Uniform Core Competencies, Statewide Performance Cycle, Planning Meetings, Rating Categories, Annual Evaluation Process and Dispute Resolution.

The State Personnel Director approves each Department’s PMP prior to implementation. 

If you have specific questions regarding performance management, please speak with your supervisor or an HR representative at your agency.

Library of Resources

The Library of Resources provided by the State Personnel Director creates a basic understanding of common performance management practices throughout the state personnel system.
These documents do not substitute for the detailed processes that a Department uses to assist supervisors and employees with performance. 

If you have questions, please speak with your supervisor or an HR representative at your agency.

Performance Management Standardization

With that goal of being an employer of choice in mind, the State is moving to a 5-point rating scale starting with the development of individual performance plans on April 1, 2022 for a transition performance cycle ending July 31, 2023. 

State employees deserve the opportunity to learn, develop, and grow to the fullest potential in their careers. That is made possible if supervisors have a process allowing for constructive feedback, fairness, and flexibility in the way employees are evaluated. 

To reward good works we must have consistent processes that can measure them. Standardizing our performance management systems plays an important role in reimagining State government. 

Performance Management Standardization FAQs for HR Professionals

Q: What are the dates for transitioning to the new scale and performance cycle?

A: The transition period for State agencies will be April 1, 2022, through July 31, 2023. The transition period for Institutions of Higher Education will be April 1, 2022 through August 31, 2023.

Q: How does the change affect new hires?

A: New hires, as of January 1, 2022, will still need to create a performance plan using the 3-point rating scale; however, the information will need to be translated into the new plans during the month of April 2022, and the previous plans will need to be closed out:

  • New Hires as of April 2022 and going forward will get the new 5-Point Plan
  • 30-day Plans for those hired in March 2022; new 5-Point Plan in April 2022
  • 60-day Plans for those hired in February 2022; new 5-Point Plan in April 2022
  • 90-day Plans for those hired in January 2022; new 5-Point Plan in April 2022

Q: How does merit play a role in the new five point rating scale and change in cycle date?

A: DPA Leadership and the Division of Human Resources continues discussing this internally. Funding for merit is at the discretion of the Governor’s budget and the Joint Budget Committee. How merit will be affected by the change in cycle date for FY 2023-24 is to be determined, and will be discussed with stakeholders when more information is available.

Q: Will any of these changes affect employees who may be out on leave for the mid-year performance review?

A: No, these will be conducted the same as today.