Collaboration is at the core of what we do at the Center for Organizational Effectiveness (COE). Our expertise in developing core curriculum that every state employee needs is central to effective state operations, but that expertise may mean little without the context that specialists in transportation, public health, health care, human services, technology, local affairs, agriculture, military science, law, fiscal policy, regulatory policy, economic development, law enforcement, and criminal justice provide directly to their employees every day.

Are you a State of Colorado Learning Leader?

The Learning Leader Community is made up  of representatives that provide training as part of their role in the State. Our community collaborates on training trends and needs. The group shares resources and opportunities to ensure that trainers in the state are supported and informed. If you’d like to join our Learning Leader Community, please email dpa_prsnltraining@state.co.us.

Learning Management System Administrators

LMS Administrators are individuals who provide technical support to facilitate online learning for state employees. This invaluable service makes learning and development possible across agencies. LMS Administrators gather regularly to share content and best practices that make coordinated training possible. COE welcomes the input of LMS Administrators from across the State. If you’re an LMS Administrator, join the LMS work group today!  

What's the Innovation Center?

The Innovation Center is an interagency training space that allows contributors to share resources across organizations. All of the resources are free for your use. State employees can upload resources and provide descriptions to make it easier for others to find what they need.

DHR Partner Programs

The Center for Organizational Effectiveness is proud to collaborate directly with sister units within the Division of Human Resources to provide developmental services that support all state employees. 

Colorado State Employee Assistance Program (CSEAP) offers a spectrum of services to State Employees and agencies including mental health counseling, webinars, mediation, and professional coaching. Professional Coaching supports employees in the development of "soft skills" including conflict management, emotional management, and interpersonal communication for the workplace.

The State Office of Risk Management conducts free, regular safety trainings designed to support the State's safety culture and reduce the risk of injury to state employees.

Consulting Services provides strategic guidance and oversight of the state personnel system to human resource offices in the State of Colorado government agencies.  Their regular HR “Deep Dives” provide insight into State Personnel rules, policies, and best practices.