One of the greatest challenges that agencies experience is determining what the best solution will be to get the results they desire. The Center for Organizational Effectiveness (COE) can help you navigate the process and consult with you to successfully identify the most effective and attainable solutions available to meet your needs.

Needs Assessment

Organizations, teams, and individuals have many different needs. Whether you are a supervisor looking to improve your team’s performance, an individual seeking advice about how to improve your skill set to develop in your role, or an organizational leader focused on overcoming difficult challenges to meet wildly important goals, the experienced consultants at COE will partner with you to define your intended outcomes and make recommendations for the products and services that will most effectively meet your needs.

Performance Monitoring

Coach blowing a whistle

Monitoring performance is an art. It takes great forethought and professional knowledge to identify and prioritize the metrics that will be important to every work unit reporting up through an organization for a single month. It takes extremely careful planning to identify, prioritize, and develop performance monitoring systems that will stand the test of time over years and decades. The advantages and potential of getting your performance management system right cannot be understated.


Contact COE to discuss needs assessments and performance monitoring: DPA_PrsnlTraining@state.co.us.