Everside Health

As a State of Colorado employee enrolled in Cigna, you’ll have access to Direct Primary Care through Everside Health, formerly known as Paladina Health.

Everside Health offers a high-quality, cost-effective primary care solution for employees enrolled in Cigna, serving up to 90% of your healthcare needs - in one place.

Under one of Cigna's Copay Plans, Everside members have a $0 copay. If you are enrolled in Cigna's High Deductible Health Plan, you will only pay a $40 flat fee until your deductible is met. Preventive care, virtual care, and care for chronic conditions is free for all Cigna members. Everside Health has clinics open to state employees all over Colorado, including rural areas, so you have better access to primary care wherever you are.

How to get started:

Sign up at eversidehealth.com/colorado or call 866.808.6005