Benefit Premium Rates (FY 2024-25)

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Your Cost for Coverage

Monthly payroll deductions for medical, dental, and vision plans are shown below. Are you paid bi-weekly? To calculate your bi-weekly premiums, divide by two. Please review this pre-tax vs post-tax document to understand the difference.


Medical Premiums: State Contribution versus Employee Contribution
Cigna Medical Insurance: State Contribution versus Employee Contribution Premiums
TierTotal PremiumState ContributionEmployee Contribution
HDHP Employee Only$880.36$849.26$31.10
HDHP Employee + Spouse$1,691.98$1,523.60$168.38
HDHP Employee + Child(ren)$1,552.56$1,485.90$66.66
HDHP Employee + Family$2,362.42$2,095.54$266.88
Copay Basic Employee Only$872.38$828.94$43.44
Copay Basic Employee + Spouse$1,736.94$1,532.90$204.04
Copay Basic Employee + Child(ren)$1,588.42$1,510.82$77.60
Copay Basic Employee + Family$2,451.10$2,164.76$286.34
Copay Plus Employee Only$908.16$808.86$99.30
Copay Plus Employee + Spouse$1,809.14$1,501.70$307.44
Copay Plus Employee + Child(ren)$1,654.36$1,482.84$171.52
Copay Plus Employee + Family$2,553.38$2,088.32$465.06
Kaiser Permanente Medical Insurance: State Contribution versus Employee Contribution Premiums
TierTotal PremiumState ContributionEmployee Contribution
HDHP Employee Only$732.18$699.86$32.32
HDHP Employee + Spouse$1,446.40$1,269.00$177.40
HDHP Employee + Child(ren)$1,317.02$1,254.54$62.48
HDHP Employee + Family$2,031.16$1,807.12$224.04
Copay Basic Employee Only$770.68$727.86$42.82
Copay Basic Employee + Spouse$1,591.42$1,395.36$196.06
Copay Basic Employee + Child(ren)$1,441.80$1,362.68$79.12
Copay Basic Employee + Family$2,263.88$1,942.96$320.92
Copay Plus Employee Only$813.22$748.82$64.40
Copay Plus Employee + Spouse$1,680.64$1,405.08$275.56
Copay Plus Employee + Child(ren)$1,522.52$1,387.76$134.76
Copay Plus Employee + Family$2,391.34$1,953.82$437.52
Dental Premiums: State Contribution versus Employee Contribution 
Delta Dental Insurance: State Contribution versus Employee Contribution Premiums
TierTotal PremiumState ContributionEmployee Contribution
Basic Employee Only$38.62$33.96$4.66
Basic Employee + Spouse$72.50$55.38$17.12
Basic Employee + Child(ren)$76.08$60.06$16.02
Basic Employee + Family$109.96$80.54$29.42
Basic Plus Employee Only$47.70$36.96$10.74
Basic Plus Employee + Spouse$90.20$60.94$29.26
Basic Plus Employee + Child(ren)$94.68$65.96$28.72
Basic Plus Employee + Family$137.20$89.00$48.20
Vision Premiums: State Contribution versus Employee Contribution
EyeMed Vision Insurance: State Contribution versus Employee Contribution Premiums
TierTotal PremiumState ContributionEmployee Contribution
Basic Employee Only$3.18$3.18$0
Basic Employee + Spouse$6.06$6.06$0
Basic Employee + Child(ren)$6.38$6.38$0
Basic Employee + Family$9.38$9.38$0
Enhanced Employee Only$7.58$3.18$4.40
Enhanced Employee + Spouse$14.42$6.06$8.36
Enhanced Employee + Child(ren)$15.18$6.38$8.80
Enhanced Employee + Family$22.30$9.38$12.92


Optional Long-Term Disability (LTD) Monthly Premium Rates*
Age on December 31 of Last YearPERA Vested RatesPERA Non-Vested & Defined Contribution Rates
Under 34$0.0008$0.0025

*Calculate Your LTD Premium
Example: You are 42 years old and are vested in the PERA Defined Benefit Retirement Plan with a monthly covered salary of $4,000. The PERA Vested premium rate is $0.0013 multiplied by your monthly covered salary of $4,000, which equals $5.20 per month.

Optional Life and AD&D Monthly Premiums
Age$ Amount/ $10,000 of CoverageAge$ Amount/ $10,000 of CoverageCost for Coverage Options
Under 30$0.60Under 30$0.80

Option 1 $5,000:
$0.50/month per family unit

Option 2 $10,000:
$1.00/month per family unit


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FY 2024-25 State of Colorado COBRA Medical Premiums July 1, 2024 - June 30, 2025
Benefit PlanTierPremiumTotal Premium*Disability Extension**
HDHP HSA qualified plan (Cigna)Employee Only$880.36$897.97$1,320.54
Employee + Spouse$1,691.98$1,725.82$2,537.97
Employee + Child(ren)$1,552.56$1,583.61$2,328.84
Employee + Family$2,362.42$2,409.67$3,543.63
Copay Basic (Cigna)Employee Only$872.38$889.83$1,308.57
Employee + Spouse$1,736.94$1,771.68$2,605.41
Employee + Child(ren)$1,588.42$1,620.19$2,382.63
Employee + Family$2,451.10$2,500.12$3,676.65
Copay Plus (Cigna)Employee Only$908.16$926.32$1,362.24
Employee + Spouse$1,809.14$1,845.32$2,713.71
Employee + Child(ren)$1,654.36$1,687.45$2,481.54
Employee + Family$2,553.38$2,604.45$3,830.07
HDHP HSA qualified plan (Kaiser Permanente)Employee Only$732.18$746.82$1,098.27
Employee + Spouse$1,446.40$1,475.33$2,169.60
Employee + Child(ren)$1,317.02$1,343.36$1,975.53
Employee + Family$2,031.16$2,071.78$3,046.74
Copay Basic (Kaiser Permanente)Employee Only$770.68$786.09$1,156.02
Employee + Spouse$1,591.42$1,623.25$2,387.13
Employee + Child(ren)$1,441.80$1,470.64$2,162.70
Employee + Family$2,263.88$2,309.16$3,395.82
Copay Plus (Kaiser Permanente)Employee Only$813.22$829.48$1,219.83
Employee + Spouse$1,680.64$1,714.25$2,520.96
Employee + Child(ren)$1,522.52$1,552.97$2,283.78
Employee + Family$2,391.34$2,439.17$3,587.01
COBRA Vision Premiums EyeMed Vision Basic
Employee Only$3.18$3.24$4.77
Employee + Spouse$6.06$6.18$9.09
Employee + Child(ren)$6.38$6.51$9.57
Employee + Family$9.38$9.57$14.07
COBRA Vision Premiums EyeMed Vision Enhanced
Employee Only$7.58$7.73$11.37
Employee + Spouse$14.42$14.71$21.63
Employee + Child(ren)$15.18$15.48$22.77
Employee + Family$22.30$22.75$33.45
COBRA Dental Premiums - Delta Dental Basic
Employee Only$38.62$39.39$57.93
Employee + Spouse$72.50$73.95$108.75
Employee + Child(ren)$76.08$77.60$114.12
Employee + Family$109.96$112.16$164.94
COBRA Dental Premiums - Delta Dental Basic Plus
Employee Only$47.70$48.65$71.55
Employee + Spouse$90.20$92.00$135.30
Employee + Child(ren)$94.68$96.57$142.02
Employee + Family$139.94$139.94$205.80

All COBRA tables:
*Includes 2% COBRA administrative fee permitted by federal COBRA regulations
**Includes 50% COBRA administrative fee permitted by federal COBRA regulations

This premium information reflects the State funding level as currently reflected in the Long Bill, which is in the final stages of the legislative process. Should these employer contribution amounts change, the State and employee contributions will be adjusted accordingly among the four coverage levels. If adjusted contributions become necessary, a revised chart will be made available on our website www.colorado.gov/dhr/benefits and sent to your department's benefits, payroll and HR staff. Watch for communication from EBU or from your department for any updates. However, do not delay your open enrollment until the last minute.


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