Resources for State of Colorado Agencies & Employees



Partnership Opportunities


The Statewide Equity Office is proud to work with our other State of Colorado agencies in support of their goals. Our team can assist with any of the following:


  • ADA accommodations
  • Community engagement volunteer opportunities
  • Community of Practice opportunities
  • Employee Resource Group funding
  • Equitable leadership development 

  • Equity audits
  • Equity-centered workforce strategies 
  • Equity-focused strategic planning
  • Equity-related programming and events
  • Lunch and learn programming
  • Leadership coaching

A Strategic Approach to Equity

Integrating equity into our organizational workforce strategies ensures equal access to opportunities for all and fosters a more inclusive and engaging work environment. This approach promotes diversity and fairness and promotes a culture where every employee feels valued and empowered to contribute their best. 

Want to collaborate with the Statewide Equity Office? Email us at dpa_StatewideEquityOffice@state.co.us.

Equity Audit

The Statewide Equity Office can provide State of Colorado agencies with an assessment of HR practices from an equity perspective. This comprehensive audit supports and bolsters an organization's strategic equity efforts, provides valuable insights into areas needing improvement, and ensures that policies and procedures are fair and inclusive for all employees. 

To request an equity audit from the Statewide Equity Office, please email dpa_StatewideEquityOffice@state.co.us.

Employee Resource Groups

Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) are voluntary, employee-led groups that aim to foster a diverse, inclusive workplace aligned with organizational mission, values, goals, practices, and objectives. They provide a supportive environment where members share experiences and offer each other personal and professional support.  

ERGs are instrumental in cultivating an inclusive workplace that values diversity and employee engagement. They often focus on specific demographics or interests, such as groups for women, LGBTQ+ employees, ethnically or racially underrepresented employees, veterans, and others.

In support of the positive impact of ERGs on workplace culture, the Statewide Equity Office provides funding for ERGs to host events that promote Equity, Diversity, Inclusion, and Accessibility (EDIA). Use this form to apply for Employee Resource Group funding.


Additional Strategic Resources

The following additional resources and support are also available. Please reach out so we can offer a tailored approach to meet your equity needs. 

  • Equitable hiring guidance
  • Suggestions to write an equitable job description
  • Guidelines for equitable recruitment and hiring 
  • Culture assessments
  • Training for equity professionals 
  • Mentorship and career development programs 
  • Equity scorecard
  • Access to external consultants on equity, diversity, inclusion, and culture
  • Equity updates and reports during equity forums and equity exchanges 

If you’re interested in collaborating on any of the above, contact the Statewide Equity Office


Communities of Practice

The Statewide Equity Office is looking for State of Colorado employees and community members who want to provide feedback on the office’s strategies and goals through a Community of Practice. 

These groups consist of State of Colorado employees and community members who lend their professional and lived experience perspectives. This ensures that our strategies effectively resonate with the diverse communities they aim to serve. For non-State employees, participation in these groups is compensated, emphasizing the value and importance of their contributions.

The Statewide Equity Office has established four distinct Communities of Practice: Accessibility, External Strategy, Internal Strategy, and Supplier Diversity.

To apply, fill out the Statewide Community of Practice Application. If you have any issues filling out the application, please contact the Statewide Equity Office


Book Recommendation from the Statewide Equity Office

Employee Resource Group Excellence: Grow High Performing ERGs to Enhance Diversity, Equality, Belonging, and Business Impact 

In Employee Resource Group Excellence, renowned management and diversity expert Dr. Robert Rodriguez delivers a comprehensive exploration of the current state of Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) in corporate America and a step-by-step roadmap to elevating their performance.

The book draws on the author's extensive experience in consulting with America's most well-known companies to discuss successful and current ERG initiatives in corporations, universities, and nonprofits.

Colorado for All Corner

April is Celebrate Diversity Month!

Established in 2004, Celebrate Diversity Month invites us to celebrate all cultures across our unique planet. This month, we encourage you to set aside some time to learn more about a culture, religion, or life experience you aren’t familiar with. There are many ways you can do this: