Supplier Diversity





The State of Colorado seeks to ensure the State procurement process is just, fair, and free from bias and discrimination. This means that all qualified businesses (including small businesses and Historically Underutilized Businesses (HUBs)) can compete for state business. To reach this goal, businesses need a level playing field.

Our 2020 State of Colorado Disparity Study highlights existing disparities and indicates that a level playing field is aspirational but attainable. To move the State further toward eliminating these barriers to State business, Senate Bill 22-163 established and charged the State Procurement Equity Program, using the Supplier Diversity Partners Recommendations Report, to lead this work. 

How to Secure a State Contract

Procurement for the State of Colorado is decentralized, meaning many State agencies conduct their own solicitations. 

There are three main components to doing business with the State:

  • Research to determine which State agencies may need your goods/services.
  • Register on the sites where State agencies are posting solicitations.
  • Access resources and information available to you and your business, and respond to solicitations. 

Visit the ACCESSColorado website for detailed information and a listing of business assistance resources.

Solicitation Help Desk

Do you have questions about solicitations for State of Colorado contracts? We can help you with:

  • How best to respond to solicitations
  • Availability of opportunities
  • Interpretation of solicitation documents
  • Solicitation response procedures and best practices

Fill out the Solicitation Helpdesk: Assistance Request Form or call 303-866-5765.


Bond Assistance

Does your small business need help obtaining a surety bond?

The State of Colorado’s Bond Assistance Program partners with a bond administrator to provide surety bonds and offset all or part of the cost of obtaining a surety bond required for a State procurement opportunity.

Request bond assistance through the Statewide Equity Office using the Bond Assistance Inquiry Form.