Land & Labor Acknowledgement Template


As we gather, we recognize the original stewards of the land currently known as the State of Colorado: the Apache, Arapaho, Cheyenne, Diné (di-NAY), Lakota, Puebloan, and Ute nations. We honor these communities and their lasting legacy, recognizing that the Ute Mountain Ute and Southern Ute Indian Tribe maintain their vibrant presence in Colorado as sovereign nations. We also pause to acknowledge the ongoing crisis of missing and murdered Indigenous relatives that affects these communities.

[Moment of Silence]

We acknowledge that the foundations of the United States, the State of Colorado, and our most established institutions were laid on the exploitation of enslaved individuals. These individuals were uprooted from their homelands and transported to the U.S. to perform hard labor while being stripped of fundamental human rights.

Furthermore, our nation has exploited the labor of immigrants, both voluntary and involuntary, by undervaluing their time, expertise, and effort, and perpetuating injustice.

We express our profound gratitude to our forebears for their enduring impact on our lives today.

The [Your Agency/Institution] commits to community engagement, policy development, ongoing education, and equity in procurement as we work to rectify the historic injustices that continue to impact our society today.