Colorado WINS Personal Information Opt-Out Form

Important notice: anyone transferring or promoting to a new covered position, must re-submit their request, if they would like to Opt-Out of sharing personal information. Any previously submitted request will not follow employees due to system limitations. See instructions below.

The Colorado Partnership for Quality Jobs and Services Act was signed into law June 16, 2020. Read more about the Act here.

The State is obligated to provide Colorado WINS with home address, personal and mobile phone numbers, and personal email address for each covered employee. The law also provides a process by which covered employees can direct the State to NOT provide this information to Colorado WINS. Please fill out this form if you DO NOT have access to ESS and would like to Opt-Out of providing Colorado WINS with your information.

Should you have any questions, please reach out to the Labor Relations team at dpa_laborrelations@state.co.us.  

Guidance by Employee Type

Newly hired, transferred, and promoted covered employees have 30 days from their hire date to Opt-Out. If no election is made, your personal information will be shared with Colorado WINS. You can change your decision to Opt-Out or Opt-In at any time, but the state cannot guarantee that Colorado WINS will not still contact you if you choose to share your personal information with Colorado WINS at any time.

No action needed. Employees not considered covered employees, including non-classified employees, will not have information shared with Colorado WINS.

Covered state employees with access to Employee Self Service (ESS) should Opt-Out or Opt-In to providing their personal contact information to Colorado WINS in ESS.

State employees without access to ESS, such as institutions of higher education, should use the web form below to opt-out or opt-in to providing their personal information to Colorado WINS.