Training Waiver Guidance

The following guidance is provided to make the training waiver process more transparent and easier to navigate.

The Center for Organizational Effectiveness (COE) is responsible for the establishment and maintenance of training programs for employees in the state personnel system. COE accomplishes this by identifying training needs for current and anticipated classes of positions within the classified system, identifying and recommending the most economical and effective means of meeting those training needs, and regularly assessing the effectiveness of such training.

COE must review and/or approve any training for employees. This authority is derived from C.R.S. 24-50-122. To fulfill this responsibility, COE offers classes which you may access through the Training and Continuing Education site.

In some cases, COE may grant or deny waivers for agencies to spend State funds for the training of employees in the state personnel system. Waivers can be submitted through the Request Training Waiver page. State funds shall not be expended for the training of employees in the state personnel system without approval.

Waivers may be approved when:

  • The topic is not in the scope of support of COE
    • For example: technical-job skills training, and/or job-related certifications
  • The training can be purchased for a lower price with similar quality to COE products and the total value of the purchase is less than $2000
  • Training is required in less time than COE can deliver

Denied waivers can be appealed by contacting the Director of COE.

Request Training Waiver