General Enrollment

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General enrollment classes are high-demand and/or new classes open to all State employees. They allow the flexibility of purchasing one or more seats in a prescheduled class. Purchasing general enrollment classes is one way to learn more about vendors and classes that may be available for exclusive programs within agencies. The general enrollment classes are only a small part of the complete menu of products and services that are available through the Center for Organizational Effectiveness (COE).

General Enrollment Classes

General enrollment classes provide the easiest way to get started with a training class. These prescheduled classes give you access to some of the courses that are in high demand across the State. These classes are perfect for one or more people who need to build competency in an available class. Just register and pay and you will be on your way to new learning. Keep in mind that any of the classes listed as general enrollment can be purchased for exclusive class sessions within agencies.

General Enrollment Classes are organized according to Statewide Competencies and arranged into the three categories of the competency model.
  • Workforce Competencies – Leading Self /Non-supervisor
  • Leadership Competencies – Leading others/Supervisors, Managers
  • Senior Leader Competencies – Leading organizations, functions

Register for General Enrollment classes

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