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The Center for Organizational Effectiveness (COE) offers a wide array of products and services for State employees. In addition to the list below, please see the following:

Some of the classes/services listed do not have future class dates listed. To get access to these products and services, contact COE to request a needs assessment meeting, and/or ask that we add a particular class to the General Enrollment classes.

This list of products and services describes all of the classes, assessments, coaching, and consulting services that are available. Review the list and let us know how we can help you to meet your goals for skill and competency development.

Use the filters for 'competencies' or service 'type' to narrow the amount of cards shown. Or, use the 'title keyword' search field to search by a word or phrase in the class/service name.

This class listing is also available as a Google Sheets accessible spreadsheet.



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