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Infographic that describes details about the talent challenge, such as there are 42 classes.

Governor's Talent Challenge

The Office of the Governor is committed to supporting agencies in the accomplishment of their most important goals. An important resource is the new Talent Challenge. In January 2020, state agencies will be able to purchase classes through the new Talent Challenge. Changes have been to the program, in order to make it easier for you to get the support you want. These courses are designed to give any project or team a set of resources to empower them in accomplishing the goals of their agency.

  • More options for classes: Choose from 9 vendors and more than 40 classes on Execution, Lean, Process Improvement, and Change Management.
  • Simplified registration: Registration will be through our standard LMS and we have removed the sponsor information requirement.
  • Lower prices: Classes are priced much lower prices and most are below $500 per person.

There are two ways you can purchase classes through the Talent Challenge, open-enrollment and onsite classes.  Please contact COE to discuss which of these options is best for your team, dpa_prsnltraining@state.co.us, and/or 303-866-2439.

Open enrollment classes are prescheduled, and announced by COE on their website and the LMS. This is a great option for teams who want to send fewer than seven people to a class and/or plan to attend only one or two classes. COE schedules the time and location, you register for the class that fits your schedule. These classes will be scheduled at 1525 Sherman St, and other locations based on available classroom space.  

Onsite classes are purchased when you have seven or more people to attend the same class and want it scheduled at your location.  This option is best if you want to train an entire project team at the same time.  If you have a large project and/or need your team to attend multiple classes, onsite classes are for you.

Recorded Training

Sustaining Online Teams is now available through the COE YouTube channel. This training is designed to provide you with strategies and best practices that you can discuss and develop to sustain your online teams. The recording is 1 hour and 7 minutes long and has been made available for no cost, to help support you in working online. If you would like to purchase an instructor-led, online training for your team please reach out using the contact below.

The class addresses three objectives:

  • Developing mindset for online work
  • Best practices for sustaining online teams
  • Using technology to get the work done

A participant packet has also been developed for this class to provide you with resources that will help you remember and share best practices with your team.

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