New Employee Onboarding

Onboarding is the process of ensuring that new employees feel welcomed, informed, and valued as they join an organization. Employees who are new to the State of Colorado have options for participating in onboarding to explore what it means to be a representative of the State.

There are three ways that employees can participate in New Employee Orientation (NEO) Training.

  • Coordinate to have this class delivered within your agency. The materials for this course are available to HR teams at each state agency, so that employees can complete the NEO class as delivered by their local team. Contact the HR team within your agency to coordinate this option for NEO training.

  • Register for an open enrollment certificate program with COE, and attend with a mixed cohort from multiple state agencies. This option costs $175 per person. Register for this training using the General Enrollment Schedule.

  • Schedule a cohort for your team only, and have COE deliver the class on your schedule. This option requires a minimum of seven participants and coordination with COE to confirm the training schedule. Contact COE by emailing to schedule a private cohort of this class.